[maemo-community] Community award: N950 (preferably) or N9

From: Michael Demetriou qwazix at outofbounds.gr
Date: Fri Jun 15 21:12:04 EEST 2012
As much as I would like to receive a shiny new N9, I still believe
it's unfair to deprive a device of anyone else, and as my submission
in the other activity has gone fine (DHL e-mail says I will receive a
N950 soon <excited>) I officially retract my self-nomination. If I
experience my share of "seller's remorse", I may see you around in the
coding competition.

Thank you all

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 4:04 AM, Piotr Jawidzyk <twilight312 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for Your stance, qwazix. It's really appreciated, that You
> don't want to get two devices (in case of being recognize din both
> categories).
> Although, I feel obliged to add, that getting N950 in Nokia Store
> category, doesn't make Your submission for N9 via CA invalid (and vice
> versa).
> /Estel
> 2012/5/30, Michael Demetriou <qwazix at gmail.com>:
>> Hi again.
>> My submission was accepted in the other device activity, New Apps @
>> Nokia Store. Should everything go smoothly and my application is
>> published successfully consider my application for a Community Award
>> invalid. I will withdraw my application myself by posting here when
>> Nokia Store publishes my application, but I wanted to clarify that I
>> do not intend to compete for two devices.
>> Thanks,
>> qwazix
>> On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 1:20 AM, Michael Demetriou <qwazix at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am Michael Demetriou, my username on tmo is qwazix
>>> (http://talk.maemo.org/member.php?u=30054 ,
>>> http://maemo.org/profile/view/qwazix/). My first encounter with maemo
>>> was with the N900 on 2009. Since then I have been active on tmo daily
>>> chatting, finding new things to test or helping wherever I can.
>>> Some of the things I've done are
>>>  * Some usability changes to speedcrunch for N900 to make it more
>>> mobile friendly, and a complete port to qml interface for the N9
>>>  * A script that enables sending 160 char sms sending in Greek using
>>> the GSM Alphabet
>>>  * The banners on tmo
>>>  * A script that allows playback of audio on both external and internal
>>> speakers
>>>  * An online harmattan style icon maker
>>>  * A script to get rid of album art on the default photo viewer of N900
>>>  * contactLaunch, an application to add contact shortcuts on the
>>> harmattan home screen
>>>  * oobProfile, an application to change profiles by location
>>>  * a script that keeps the time always shown on the N900 idle screen
>>>  * a multitap keyboard layout and a greek keyboard layout for maliit
>>>  * some research on amoled screens and their characteristics
>>>  * some package testing
>>>  * oobTodo, a simple app that just quickly launches the default
>>> harmattan to-do list
>>> Thank you all very much,
>>> qwazix
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