[maemo-community] Open Letter from the Hildon Foundation Board to the Maemo Community

From: twilight312 at gmail.com twilight312 at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 10 09:40:04 EET 2012
On sob 10 lis 2012 03:12:49 CET, Craig Woodward <woody at rochester.rr.com> wrote:

> Can we please, for the love of all things holy, stop beating this dead
> horse?

Hope you don't mean Council or maemo...

> One of the larger things Council can do, frankly, is filter out the
> noise.   The Board is not there to solve misc petty community arguments
> or moderation disputes.

Sure tjing - still, it doesn't mean, that Board need a censor in the middle. Council, for example, also isn't meant to solve moderation disputes about, let's say, TMO - it doesn't mean that we need sub-council to filter noise coming at Council...

Thinking like that, we can build useless ladder of buerocratic structures, that doesn't have any purpose, other than justifying own existence. Which seems like already started, with Council "filter".

As suggested month or two ago, we don't have so much volounteers, to "assign" them not importtant roles. In times of Foundation and Board, no one was able - up to date - to highlight any important factor justifying Council existence, other than (rather not-so-important) "noise filter".

What is even more strange, not even things like lack of interest in Council from Community side (forcing Board candidates to double-candidate for Council, to let it form at all - which defeats the "noise filter" rationale!) made "party leaders" re-think merit of keeping Council.

Not that Community's doubts really matter - sadly, "leadership" will do what they want, and no one is putting that into doubt. Still, as said earlier, asking questions and presenting opinions/doubts isn't crime on mailing list (yet). Wouldn't be surprised, if last one is going to change for worse, soon, though.

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