[maemo-community] Open Letter from the Hildon Foundation Board to the Maemo Community

From: Ruediger Gad r.c.g at gmx.de
Date: Sat Nov 10 11:32:16 EET 2012
On 11/10/2012 08:40 AM, twilight312 at gmail.com wrote:
> Not that Community's doubts really matter - sadly, "leadership" will do
> what they want, and no one is putting that into doubt. Still, as said
> earlier, asking questions and presenting opinions/doubts isn't crime on
> mailing list (yet). Wouldn't be surprised, if last one is going to
> change for worse, soon, though.

First of all, board and council are as much part of the community as you 
Secondly, apparently no one else in the community (except you) has 
objections against what the board/council is doing. Which is a very good 
sign that they are in fact doing what the community wants.

Asking questions is completely legit. You asked a question. You got the 
This is not about asking the very same question over and over again 
until the answer changes to something that suits you more.
I am very happy that board and council are well organized and reply 

Personally, I am also very happy that we have volunteers who take care 
of important things during their free time.

Please stop implying that there was some kind of dictatorship. This is 
simply not true (full stop).
Also please stop to imply that you are speaking for "the community". You 
are definitely not speaking for me.

Kind regards,


PS: Please excuse the noise.

> /Estel
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