[maemo-community] Banned from maemo.org - someone went ape shit nuts?!

From: Ilya Skriblovsky ilyaskriblovsky at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 12 17:20:25 EET 2012
Hi all,

Just want to add some fresh opinion to this horrible flame. It's "fresh"
because I don't really know the background: I don't know why Estel was
banned and why it is so opposite to the Council.
(Though I'm subscribed to this list, I'm rare reading it further subject
line because starting with Community Awards discussion in June, 95% of
mails here are full of flame and lacking of any constructive).

But this situation seems very ugly to me. Screenshot with blurred IP
addresses is certainly not an evidence at all. If screenshot was with exact
IP match as Mohammad said, then I miss the point for blurring other IPs.
If all blurred IPs are the same and same with Estel's, please publish
original screenshot. If they differ — please remove the ban, admit your
mistake and stop this shame.

(By the way, even if all IPs are the same, it is not 100% evidence of
identity of these accounts since if mentioned Polish network provides
variable IP addresses, it's not a wonder if several IPs will accidentally
match somewhen. Deep login history research is the only way to be 100%


2012/11/12 twilight312 at gmail.com <twilight312 at gmail.com>

> **
> On pon 12 lis 2012 14:58:00 CET, Reggie Suplido <
> reggie at internettablettalk.com> wrote:
> > Stop playing with community man. Here's the proof:
> > https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A7gWTNeCMAAyhVX.png
> Another thing about this pathetic incident - I see few other names listed
> there. While "Letsee" was my account - that I have never concealed in any
> way, signing posts from there as "/Estel" - there is also *aquamarine*.
> Who is that person and what happened with this account? Was it banned in
> Reggie's madness too? Have this person tried to contact TMO admins, or just
> gave up on Maemo, after being treaten like that?
> /Estel
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