[maemo-community] Banned from maemo.org - someone went ape shit nuts?!

From: Niel Nielsen nieldk at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 12 18:01:43 EET 2012
While you are right about that IP not for certainty belongs to the same
router (btw its called dynamic IP), it could hold as evidence anyway.
1 it is very - very - unlikely that the IP would be dynamically assigned to
another router, which would then connect to Maemo.
2 despite ISPs  being assigned dynamically, very likely the same router
would keep the IP, even for years
3 might not even be dynamic, X can sign up (pay) to be guaranteed a static
IP (this would actually just be a reserved, dynamic IP)

It is sad to read this trolling, inconstructive, critisism of working
council, Estel, is your goal to dismentle the community? Even a previous
'enemy' of mine (no worries Arie, no worries, you had some valid critism)
is going against you Estel. I think you, even off council, would help and
get more benefits, from assisting in the hard times confronting the
community et al.


On Monday, November 12, 2012, Ilya Skriblovsky wrote:

> Hi all,
> Just want to add some fresh opinion to this horrible flame. It's "fresh"
> because I don't really know the background: I don't know why Estel was
> banned and why it is so opposite to the Council.
> (Though I'm subscribed to this list, I'm rare reading it further subject
> line because starting with Community Awards discussion in June, 95% of
> mails here are full of flame and lacking of any constructive).
> But this situation seems very ugly to me. Screenshot with blurred IP
> addresses is certainly not an evidence at all. If screenshot was with exact
> IP match as Mohammad said, then I miss the point for blurring other IPs.
> If all blurred IPs are the same and same with Estel's, please publish
> original screenshot. If they differ — please remove the ban, admit your
> mistake and stop this shame.
> (By the way, even if all IPs are the same, it is not 100% evidence of
> identity of these accounts since if mentioned Polish network provides
> variable IP addresses, it's not a wonder if several IPs will accidentally
> match somewhen. Deep login history research is the only way to be 100%
> sure.)
> Yours,
> Mitrandir
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>> **
>> On pon 12 lis 2012 14:58:00 CET, Reggie Suplido <
>> reggie at internettablettalk.com <javascript:_e({}, 'cvml',
>> 'reggie at internettablettalk.com');>> wrote:
>> > Stop playing with community man. Here's the proof:
>> > https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A7gWTNeCMAAyhVX.png
>> Another thing about this pathetic incident - I see few other names listed
>> there. While "Letsee" was my account - that I have never concealed in any
>> way, signing posts from there as "/Estel" - there is also *aquamarine*.
>> Who is that person and what happened with this account? Was it banned in
>> Reggie's madness too? Have this person tried to contact TMO admins, or just
>> gave up on Maemo, after being treaten like that?
>> /Estel
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