[maemo-community] Banned from maemo.org - someone went ape shit nuts?!

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Tue Nov 13 22:58:27 EET 2012
---- Marcin Mielniczuk <marmistrz at linux.pl> wrote: 
>Anyway, I don't have enough information to judge. If someone has different
>info than Estel provided, I'd like to look at it.

Why don't you do this on your own?  Go to TMO and find ANY post by Estel.  You can then look up the user profile by clicking his name, and see *all* posts (most recent first).  Just review the past dozen or so posts, and you will see him being just as offensive and baselessly accusatory there as he has been in this thread.  Spreading lies, swearing, saying people are "brainless", or abusing their power, or doing things to "increase their ego".  Meanwhile missing the enormous ego he himself has.  Like admitting to breaking the rule about creating a second account to post, knowing the consequences, because he felt "above the law" and somehow justified in doing so.

Initially his little personal war was with just a few people, mainly those who took issue with his tone and his twisting of facts to fit his own warped perception of reality.  As people have begun to see how much he manipulates the truth (or flat out lies), his list of those "in on the conspiracy" to somehow "overthrow" him has grown to include all of Council, the Board, and most of the respected and/or contributing community members.

Some of this may be culturally based.  Maybe it's ok in Poland to call someone "brainless", while to say someone "rambles" is a huge insult.  Regardless, Estel has shown great disrespect for many in this community, to the point of being blatantly hostile.  He's been warned countless times on this, and each time responds with more vile and swearing, even attacking those trying to speak up on his behalf at times.

I for one welcome a rest-bit from his constant whining and lies in the forum.  This is a time where the community must focus on the much more important task of transitioning to a self-maintained group.  Not having him being a constant source of misdirection, false accusation, and incorrect information presented as "truth" will be good for the community right now.

---- Cosimo Kroll <zehjotkah at googlemail.com> wrote: 
>Estel did not leave council on his own purpose. He was politely asked to
>leave because he ordered parts for his private CNC machine via councils
>.org mail-address without asking the rest of the council.

This is incorrect.  You need to re-read the post you're referring too.  Understand, this is not to criticize you, or boost anyone else.  I simply want to make sure that facts are presented correctly.

Estel was *not* asked to leave because of that incodent you site, which occurred in the *first* week of our shared Council term.  The incodent was dismissed as poor judgement and misunderstanding, being the first small issue in a chain of growing incidents centered around Estel.  In retrospect it shows how he operates and how he thinks:  From his point of view everything is about what it can do FOR him, or what he can gain from it.  If it's not about him, or usable by him, then it's against him.

For example, while on Council Estel moved to push for more power/control in Council.  After leaving it, he quickly shifted to chastising those remaining, and made several calls for Council to be dismantled.  While creating the concept of the Board, Estel pushed to elevate Council into the position of Board once it was formed.  After, he claimed Council was conspiring to do just that, even as we publicly announced elections, opened nominations, and had public review and change of proposed bylaws for months.  In short, if he wasn't involved, it was corrupt.  And everyone in the corrupt group was clearly doing exactly what *he* would do where he in their position, even if there was proof to the contrary.

In fact, Estel left of his own accord after feeling people were "disrespectfully ignoring" him. This stemmed from the fact that after demanding an answer to a TMO post during an IRC Council meeting, he was denied an immediate reply.  Specifically, he demanded I reply to a question he asked in a TMO thread about an hour before the meeting.  This is not the first time he'd pulled such a thing, posting something just before a meeting and demanding answers... And the topic was already warn thin to the point that nobody wanted to discuss it again.  I told him I would reply in TMO *after* the meeting, as not to disrupt the meeting.  The rest of those in the meeting agreed when he tried to push the topic, and we moved on topic wise.  Before I was able to reply (before the meeting even ended, less than an hour), he posted a multi-page rant to the TMO thread saying he was stepping down because of how he was treated, and returned to the IRC meeting to announce it and post a link to the article.  All of this is publicly logged and available, FYI.

Ironically, he recently called others a host of negative names for *implying* that they should perhaps step down because of the negativity he was stirring up.  Saying that doing so made them unfit to be a leader...

Those are the facts.  

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