[maemo-community] Banned from maemo.org - someone went ape shit nuts?!

From: Marcin Mielniczuk marmistrz at linux.pl
Date: Wed Nov 14 18:36:22 EET 2012
OK, but I didn't find anything bad in the first ten of the posts. But I
need to know the arguments of both sides: for which posts did Estel get

2012/11/13 Craig Woodward <woody at rochester.rr.com>

> ---- Marcin Mielniczuk <marmistrz at linux.pl> wrote:
> >Anyway, I don't have enough information to judge. If someone has different
> >info than Estel provided, I'd like to look at it.
> Why don't you do this on your own?  Go to TMO and find ANY post by Estel.
>  You can then look up the user profile by clicking his name, and see *all*
> posts (most recent first).  Just review the past dozen or so posts, and you
> will see him being just as offensive and baselessly accusatory there as he
> has been in this thread.  Spreading lies, swearing, saying people are
> "brainless", or abusing their power, or doing things to "increase their
> ego".  Meanwhile missing the enormous ego he himself has.  Like admitting
> to breaking the rule about creating a second account to post, knowing the
> consequences, because he felt "above the law" and somehow justified in
> doing so.
> Initially his little personal war was with just a few people, mainly those
> who took issue with his tone and his twisting of facts to fit his own
> warped perception of reality.  As people have begun to see how much he
> manipulates the truth (or flat out lies), his list of those "in on the
> conspiracy" to somehow "overthrow" him has grown to include all of Council,
> the Board, and most of the respected and/or contributing community members.
> Some of this may be culturally based.  Maybe it's ok in Poland to call
> someone "brainless", while to say someone "rambles" is a huge insult.
>  Regardless, Estel has shown great disrespect for many in this community,
> to the point of being blatantly hostile.  He's been warned countless times
> on this, and each time responds with more vile and swearing, even attacking
> those trying to speak up on his behalf at times.
> I for one welcome a rest-bit from his constant whining and lies in the
> forum.  This is a time where the community must focus on the much more
> important task of transitioning to a self-maintained group.  Not having him
> being a constant source of misdirection, false accusation, and incorrect
> information presented as "truth" will be good for the community right now.
> ---- Cosimo Kroll <zehjotkah at googlemail.com> wrote:
> >Estel did not leave council on his own purpose. He was politely asked to
> >leave because he ordered parts for his private CNC machine via councils
> >.org mail-address without asking the rest of the council.
> This is incorrect.  You need to re-read the post you're referring too.
>  Understand, this is not to criticize you, or boost anyone else.  I simply
> want to make sure that facts are presented correctly.
> Estel was *not* asked to leave because of that incodent you site, which
> occurred in the *first* week of our shared Council term.  The incodent was
> dismissed as poor judgement and misunderstanding, being the first small
> issue in a chain of growing incidents centered around Estel.  In retrospect
> it shows how he operates and how he thinks:  From his point of view
> everything is about what it can do FOR him, or what he can gain from it.
>  If it's not about him, or usable by him, then it's against him.
> For example, while on Council Estel moved to push for more power/control
> in Council.  After leaving it, he quickly shifted to chastising those
> remaining, and made several calls for Council to be dismantled.  While
> creating the concept of the Board, Estel pushed to elevate Council into the
> position of Board once it was formed.  After, he claimed Council was
> conspiring to do just that, even as we publicly announced elections, opened
> nominations, and had public review and change of proposed bylaws for
> months.  In short, if he wasn't involved, it was corrupt.  And everyone in
> the corrupt group was clearly doing exactly what *he* would do where he in
> their position, even if there was proof to the contrary.
> In fact, Estel left of his own accord after feeling people were
> "disrespectfully ignoring" him. This stemmed from the fact that after
> demanding an answer to a TMO post during an IRC Council meeting, he was
> denied an immediate reply.  Specifically, he demanded I reply to a question
> he asked in a TMO thread about an hour before the meeting.  This is not the
> first time he'd pulled such a thing, posting something just before a
> meeting and demanding answers... And the topic was already warn thin to the
> point that nobody wanted to discuss it again.  I told him I would reply in
> TMO *after* the meeting, as not to disrupt the meeting.  The rest of those
> in the meeting agreed when he tried to push the topic, and we moved on
> topic wise.  Before I was able to reply (before the meeting even ended,
> less than an hour), he posted a multi-page rant to the TMO thread saying he
> was stepping down because of how he was treated, and returned to the IRC
> meeting to announce it and post a link to the article.  All of this is
> publicly logged and available, FYI.
> Ironically, he recently called others a host of negative names for
> *implying* that they should perhaps step down because of the negativity he
> was stirring up.  Saying that doing so made them unfit to be a leader...
> Those are the facts.
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