[maemo-community] 2014-12-09_meeting_minutes

From: Peter Leinchen peterleinchen at t-online.de
Date: Fri Dec 12 18:12:45 UTC 2014

Meeting held 2014-12-09 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

(wikiwide), Bernardo Reino (reinob), Sicelo Mhlongo (sicelo)
Gido Griese (Win7Mac),
Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen)

Partial: Rüdiger Schiller (chem|st), Paul Healey (sixwheeledbeast), (Oksana)

Absent: Philippe Coval (RzR)

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

    * Council Election
    * IRC, Miscellaneous

Topic (Council Election):

    * This meeting was ruled by the discussion about upcoming council election.
    * A warm welcome was given to all (possible) candidates joining the discussion.
    * Juiceme is already preparing the election.
    * At least one member had not yet linked his mo and tmo accounts. Possibly we will need a manual Karma calculation for one (a few) member(s). Juiceme will take care of that.
    * Reinob pointed out the willingness of pichlo to accept nomination. Peterleinchen contacted him.
    * Wiki pages need to be set up. Just in time sixwheeledbeast came in and agreed to set them up (if possible due to RL).

Topic (IRC, Miscellaneous):

    * Discussion about jyrjyr spamming the #maemo-meeting channel and how to get rid of that. Peterleinchen sent mail to him but it bounced back with "unknown inbox".
    * Council decided to contact GeneralAntilles once more to clarify the chan op situation.

Action Items:

    * -- old items:
          o Check if karma calculation/evaluation is fixed. - Karma calculation should work, only wiki entries (according to Doc) not considered. Works (might be cross-checked...)
          o NielDK to prepare a draft for letter to Jolla. - Obsolete
          o Sixwheeledbeast to clarify the CSS issue on wiki.maemo.org with techstaff. - Done
          o juiceme to create a wording draft for the referendum (to be counterchecked by council members). - See
          o Peterleinchen to announce resignation of DocScrutinizer*/joerg_rw from council. Done
          o Everybody to make up their own minds about referendum and give feedback.
          o RzR to contact Doc (neo900) and smokku (cordia) Done
          o Peterleinchen to announce the next council election Done
          o Juiceme and chemist to clarify the bank account situation
          o Council to clarify with HiFo board about the upcoming board election Council is in charge to announce/prepare the council/board/... elections
    * -- new items:
          o Juiceme to check/recalculate the karma points manually for all members where needed
          o Next weeks tasks: referendum, sub pages on m.o for e.V., preparing election
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