[maemo-community] Accepting nomination to run for Council election

From: Ryan Cristal ryan at rcristal.org
Date: Sat Dec 13 07:50:24 UTC 2014
Hello everyone,

My name is Ryan Cristal, though you may recognize me as “klinglerware” 
on TMO. I've participated in the Maemo community since 2007, when a 
newly purchased N800 brought me to ITT. Since that time, I've owned and 
enjoyed the N900 and N9. In fact, I still use both the N900 and N9 on a 
daily basis. I am also a hopeful supporter of the Neo900.

Over the years on ITT/TMO, I've seen the focus of community interest 
change as technology has changed and as consumer tastes, developer 
interests, and corporate priorities have evolved. Accordingly, we've 
seen waves of strong community contributors come and go as the winds 
have shifted.

And yet, the community remains. The wave of new N800/N810 owners did not 
“kill” ITT/TMO, neither did the even larger waves of N900 and N9 owners, 
nor did the infusion of Jolla/Sailfish users and topics. What this tells 
me is that while the community can be fragmented, the community can also 
absorb our many interests and can even reinvent itself along the way.

I first came to the Maemo world as an “end user”. But, as with many of 
us who've stayed, I've learned a lot about Linux, the command line, and 
how to take advantage of the relative openness of these platforms to fix 
issues and tweak my user experience to my liking. I've learned that even 
as an end user, engaging with developers and maintainers by filing bugs, 
providing feedback, and making the occasional donation, can positively 
impact the community as a whole.

Though I'm relatively quiet on the boards, I've learned so much from 
this community over the years. I have reaped the benefits of what the 
community has been able to accomplish and maintain, especially in 
keeping Maemo/Harmattan/Sailfish useful and relevant. If elected, I will 
take this as an opportunity to give back to the group and to do my part 
in keeping our community enabled into the future.

Thank you,

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