[maemo-community] maemo.org infra safety - HiFo action URGENTLY needed.

From: joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Date: Wed Mar 12 03:12:42 UTC 2014
On Wed 12 March 2014 01:13:58 Craig Woodward wrote:
> This particular mess started because I (and others on the Board) were not
> comfortable with Joerg "requesting" (or demanding, depending how you read
> it) funds for providing a backup service for Maemo.org.  Between a few
> projects he's involved in there was concern that HiFo writing a check to
> him personally could be seen, legally, as collusion in or support for
> those projects.  And I'm not even talking about nefarious things here...
> The Neo900 project, which Joerg is clearly part of, if handled improperly
> even months from now, could result in problems with Nokia/MS.  If Nokia/MS
> then came after HiFo for something Neo900 related, pointing to those
> checks in a court battle, it could cause complications and legal/financial
> issues for Board members.  How likely is that?  Slim.  But it was/is a
> potential risk, and one we didn't want or need to take.

When in 2 years they find some chld porn on Woody's PC and they find he agreed 
on HiFo sending money to me for something clearly described as a facility to 
store data, they for sure will come at my house and confiscate my complete IT 
infra for checking if I was the one selling that porn to Woody.

OK, everything pretty obvious. I shouldn't accept any payment from HiFo, too 
dangerous for me.

And then all the papers with *my* signature on them, OMG!

Show a single incident where a reasonable request from whomever to techstaff 
hasn't been followed immediately! Then again explain what it is you're missing 
and how you plan to fix the situation so you (or HiFo) feel more comfortable 
with it.

(btw I even provided a copy of my PP money send-out to the l2 service, wasn't 
good enough for you, you insisted in contacting "the chef of the company that 
provides l2" so you could check what are *his* hobbies and if you can live 
with those, since - as you clearly state - you can't tolerate mine.

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