[maemo-community] maemo.org infra safety - HiFo action URGENTLY needed.

From: joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Date: Wed Mar 12 03:31:33 UTC 2014
On Wed 12 March 2014 01:13:58 Craig Woodward wrote:
> The kicker for me was that part of this involved me asking a direct
> question, the answer to which he lied blatantly about.  That was a large
> part of why I resigned from the Board.  If I can't trust someone who is on
> Council and techstaff, and in charge of handling issues that I can be
> legally held responsible for, I sure as hell didn't want to stay in that
> position any longer.  Who would?

Your idea of what's a true statement and what's a lie is pretty funny. You 
accused me to run a server that you assumed would do illegal things. None of 
both is true and I told you that, but you decided that this was a lie and you 
don't believe me, which was actually when shit hit the fan.
Again, for those who refuse to read the first 475 posts: I never owned or 
managed any server you ever mentioned you were concerned about.
I stated that from beginning when some of HiFo started accusing me for that 
made-up nonsense, and I still state that, and you can't prove the opposite 
(since you can find proof only for the truth), not even with those partial 
crippled quotes of a private conversation between you and me of one year back, 
where I told you about what I'm doing from my own pocket to support community 
and why I can't afford a few things. I could quote the exactly same private 
conversation to "prove" that it been *you* who finally financed that, but 
neither you nor me are linked to any illegal activity by that conversation. 
And that's exactly what I told you. 

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