[maemo-community] 2016-05-03 Meeting Minutes

From: Community Council: Jussi Ohenoja juice at swagman.org
Date: Wed Aug 24 05:00:06 UTC 2016
Meeting held 2016-05-03 on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting

**Attending: **eekkelund, reinob, pichlo, Win7Mac, juiceme, Oksana

**Partial: **

**Absent: **peterleinchen, HtheB

**Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):**  

  * Handover meeting for the new Council

**(Topic Handover meeting for the new Council): **

  * reinob, win7mac and juiceme welcomed the new Council members eekkelund and pichlo.
  * The council considered the weekly meeting day and time, it was decided to keep tuesday as the day and adjust the meeting time to 20:30 CET/CEST.
  * There was some general discussion of IRC as meeting medium and the needed requirements for councillors.
  * The Council voted for new chairman, and eekkelund was chosen by majority vote of 2:3
  * juiceme promised to arrange the Council mailing list change and get cloaks for new councillors.

**Action Items:**

  * old items:
    * The next GA meeting should be announced soon.
  * new items:
    * Add new Councillors to the mailing list and remove the old. (juiceme)
    * Arrange Council permissions on TMO to new Councillors. (juiceme)
    * Get cloaks for new Councillors. (juiceme)

URL: http://maemo.org/community/council/2016-05-03_meeting_minutes/
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