[maemo-community] Q2 2016 Community Council Election Announcement

From: Community Council: Jussi Ohenoja juice at swagman.org
Date: Wed Aug 24 05:00:06 UTC 2016
Dear friends and Maemoans, six months and even a bit more has passed and again
it is time to elect a new Community Council for us.

The last election finished on Saturday 13th of September 2015.

The schedule of the voting is as follows:

  * Nomination period starts on next Sunday 27th of March 2016 and continues until 10th of April 2016.
  * Election period starts on Sunday 10th of April 2016 and continues until 17th of April 2016.

To get our community to continue strong, we need fresh people with fresh
viewpoints to carry on the torch, so please think about volunteering for Maemo

On behalf of the outgoing community council,

Jussi Ohenoja

URL: http://maemo.org/community/council/q2_2016_community_council_election_announcement/
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