[maemo-developers] do we need garage sandbox repos?

From: Vlad Vasiliev vlad at gas.by
Date: Thu Aug 9 11:53:26 EEST 2007
Ed Bartosh wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 20:04 +0300, ext Ed Bartosh wrote:
>> On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 12:54 +0300, ext Ferenc Szekely wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> It has been a long time, so time to write to all of you :)
>>> We had a good chat with some of the microb folks here in my room
>>> yesterday. The conclusion was that we should perhaps offer a 'sandbox'
>>> repository for garage projects. This would be a place where any
>>> project could upload packages, make sure that they are installable on
>>> the environment they are targeting for (like stock Nokia N800) etc.
>>> The sandbox would serve as a "staging environment" before pushing the
>>> packages to "extras".
>>> The repo will not be on "repository.maemo.org", but on "garage". This
>>> would hopefully hide it enough from users who could accidentally run
>>> into troubles using this sandbox on their tablets.
>>> The repo maintenance would be done with volunteers. I could establish
>>> the basic environment, make sure that your uploaded packages are
>>> processed etc, but I would like to get your help cleaning up the
>>> sandbox every now and then.
>>> Yeah, it is yet another repository, I know. But it could perhaps take
>>> away some work from those of you who are running an own repo today. So
>>> what do you think?
>> I totally support the idea. For me it would be very useful to have some
>> repository to put applications for testing before releasing them to
>> extras. I'd not call it sandbox but extras-devel or something similar to
>> emphasize its primary usage scenario.
>> I can help to maintain it if needed.
> extras-testing would be even better. It's clearly says that this
> repository is for testing applications on their way to extras.

This is a good idea. I need such mechanism for wide testing the my deb

Vlad Vasiiev.

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