[maemo-developers] do we need garage sandbox repos?

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Fri Aug 10 12:37:10 EEST 2007
On 8/9/07, Vlad Vasiliev <vlad at gas.by> wrote:
> Ed Bartosh wrote:
> > extras-testing would be even better. It's clearly says that this
> > repository is for testing applications on their way to extras.
> >
> >
> This is a good idea. I need such mechanism for wide testing the my deb
> packets.
Thanks for the replies. It looks like that some of us would benefit
from this repository, so let's go for it..

The name proposal "extras-testing" is more down to the point. Although
it may confuse people who are familiar with Debian processes. The name
may also suggest there is some QA for extras etc. Well, we can have QA
and all that together as a community effort. I mean that we can not
expect that Nokia will do quality checks for extras packages.

Neil raised a very important point in his mail: categories and control
of the repository. We could experiment with the categories in this
"extras-testing" repository. First we would need a proposal of
categories. The best would be to write this on a wiki page. Neil,
would you mind coming up with a draft?

Then we should document how to make use of the categories, ie. how to
prepare your debs to belong to a certain cat. This is not a big deal,
I could write a page on that (adding it to the current
ExtrasRepository page [1].

The tricky part is how to enforce the categories. We need to change
the tool that processes the packages and here I may need Ed's help.
Ed, you are probably familiar enough with the queue-manager, right? If
not, then I can do the changes, but I have to look some free slot in
the calendar for that.

How does it sound?


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