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From: David Hazel david.hazel at enchaine.com
Date: Sun Aug 26 16:56:26 EEST 2007
Sorry, Ross, I'm being a pain, I know, but:

>Open the .install file on the N800, and Application Manager will open
>and install it for you.
I assume this means that I need internet connectivity on my N800. I haven't
yet found out how to achieve that - I haven't found a way of making it
connect via the USB link through my PC (it seems to think that my NTL
broadband connection is a BTHomeHub-C38B, whatever that is, and prompts me
for a WEP key, whatever one of those is; it certainly doesn't try to connect
transparently through the PC).

My belief that I couldn't connect to the internet from the emulator was
based on a reply I received to a question I posted a couple of days ago.
Someone said this was something that would only work from the N800, not from
the emulator. Also, my belief that memory cards could not be emulated was
based on something I saw on a website (possibly the Maemo one) that
suggested MMC cards were not emulated at present.

If I copy the resolv.conf file from my Linux PC into the Scratchbox area,
will this give me connectivity?

How do I go about using my USB card reader to let Scratchbox emulate a
memory card?

>Copy the file to the home directory and chmod +x it.
How do I do chmod (and, in fact, what constitutes the home directory on this
beast)? I haven't found anything resembling a command line on my N800, and
the File Manager doesn't seem to provide that level of control over file
attributes and locations.

David Hazel

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On Sun, 2007-08-26 at 11:09 +0100, David Hazel wrote:
> >I put the executable on the memory card, copy it to my home directory
> >and run it. You'll need xterm on the 800 to do this.
> Question 1: How do I get a version of xterm that will run on the N800?
> Question 2: How do I install it to the N800?
> I'll need fairly detailed instructions for each of the above, I'm afraid.
> did try to download what purported to be an Openssh client for the N800
> yesterday, but all I got was a file called openssh-client.install, and no
> clues as to what I was supposed to do with it.

Open the .install file on the N800, and Application Manager will open
and install it for you.  If you read the .install file in a text editor
you'll see that it just specifies repositories and package names.

The dropbear ssh client/server and a terminal are available from
maemo-hackers.org.  Open the install file under "bora/it2007" at
http://maemo-hackers.org/wiki/OssoXterm on your N800 and the terminal
will be installed.  Then in Application Manager you can install the
dropbear client and server.

> I did once try putting my executable onto a memory card. However, I wasn't
> able to run it even though I thought I had built it for the right target
> (which is ARMEL, I assume?) and the version I built for X86 runs (almost)
> fine on Scratchbox.

I believe memory cards are mounted noexec, and are vfat anyway.  Copy
the file to the home directory and chmod +x it.

> (I say "almost" because the emulator doesn't appear to
> be all that close an emulation of the target environment. It apparently
> can't simulate the presence of memory cards or give me an internet
> connection, both of which are central to what my application is trying to
> do.)

You can get to the internet from inside a scratchbox, you probably need
to fix /etc/resolv.conf.  It defaults to which is wrong unless
you run a local name server or cache.

Memory cards are just mounted file systems, you can simulate those
exactly by using a USB card reader.

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