[maemo-developers] General Maemo/Scratchbox/N800 help

From: Ross Burton ross at burtonini.com
Date: Sun Aug 26 18:10:54 EEST 2007
On Sun, 2007-08-26 at 14:56 +0100, David Hazel wrote:
> >Open the .install file on the N800, and Application Manager will open
> >and install it for you.
> I assume this means that I need internet connectivity on my N800. I haven't
> yet found out how to achieve that - I haven't found a way of making it
> connect via the USB link through my PC (it seems to think that my NTL
> broadband connection is a BTHomeHub-C38B, whatever that is, and prompts me
> for a WEP key, whatever one of those is; it certainly doesn't try to connect
> transparently through the PC).

I don't believe the N800 supports USB networking in that sense, it only
supports wifi.  A BT Home Hub is a BT Broadband branded wifi hub,
probably a neighbours.

If your NTL cable modem doesn't have a wifi router built in, the easiest
thing to do would be to get one, they are very cheap these days.

> My belief that I couldn't connect to the internet from the emulator was
> based on a reply I received to a question I posted a couple of days ago.

I do 99% of my maemo development whilst online in a scratchbox, so it
works. :)

> Someone said this was something that would only work from the N800, not from
> the emulator. Also, my belief that memory cards could not be emulated was
> based on something I saw on a website (possibly the Maemo one) that
> suggested MMC cards were not emulated at present.

Scratchbox isn't an emulator really, nothing is emulated. But an
inserted MMC card on your machine will be accessible from the

> If I copy the resolv.conf file from my Linux PC into the Scratchbox area,
> will this give me connectivity?


> How do I go about using my USB card reader to let Scratchbox emulate a
> memory card?

The scratchbox /dev is the same as as the /dev outside of scratchbox, so
you can mount it to a patch inside scratchbox.  You'll need to install
mount (apt-get install mount), but apart from that it should just work.
If scratchbox gets in the way, just mount it outside of scratchbox to a
directory which is inside your scratchbox, such
as /scratchbox/users/[username]/targets/SDK_X86/media/mmc1

> Also:
> >Copy the file to the home directory and chmod +x it.
> How do I do chmod (and, in fact, what constitutes the home directory on this
> beast)? I haven't found anything resembling a command line on my N800, and
> the File Manager doesn't seem to provide that level of control over file
> attributes and locations.

Heh, yeah, you were trying to run the shell.  Install osso-xterm from

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