[maemo-developers] Python and GStreamer

From: Jesse Guardiani jesse at guardiani.us
Date: Wed Aug 29 14:25:08 EEST 2007
Zeeshan Ali wrote:
> Hi!
>> gstreamer is poo. plain and simple. Yes, you need to recreate the
>> pipeline. If you don't, bad things happen, like hanging and such after
>> EOS. And no, EOS detection still doesn't work well in that class despite
>> my many tries.
>    That sounds like a bug, have you cared to file it? Does the same
> happen when you try the same pipeline on a PC?

Why would I file a bug? I need something that works on all firmwares.
Filing a bug won't help that. Besides, I'm sure Nokia's developers
couldn't help noticing that gstreamer was broken when they wrote OSSO
Media Server. Why didn't *they* file a bug, eh?

In addition, why don't you file a bug for me if it bothers you? I do
that for Kagu's users all the time. I'm not really sure why everyone in
the open source world expects end-users to file their own bugs. That
doesn't seem very practical. You should consider this email a bug
report, and you can consider the link to gstplayer.py in the previous
email my test case. And if you need additional information, this thread
will do nicely.

Back on the subject of whether or not gstreamer is useful: Perhaps it's
just a broken version of gstreamer that maemo uses, or perhaps the bug
is elsewhere. It's just that it's broken for me/Kagu/us/maemo-users, so
it isn't very useful to Kagu in it's current state and probably not very
useful to Tony.

Ultimately, I'm a selfish software developer and I've found my solution
elsewhere. That's the extent of my interest. I have to move on to other
things or else I'll never get anything done.

Jesse Guardiani
Programmer/Sys Admin
jesse at guardiani.us

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