[maemo-developers] Python and GStreamer

From: Zeeshan Ali zeenix at gstreamer.net
Date: Wed Aug 29 14:54:18 EEST 2007
Hello again!

> Why would I file a bug? I need something that works on all firmwares.
> Filing a bug won't help that. Besides, I'm sure Nokia's developers
> couldn't help noticing that gstreamer was broken when they wrote OSSO
> Media Server. Why didn't *they* file a bug, eh?

   I wouldn't know, i am not a MediaServer developer but I don't see
them saying 'gstreamer is poo' or moving to some other framework so
that is why *you* need to file a bug, not them.

> In addition, why don't you file a bug for me if it bothers you? I do
> that for Kagu's users all the time. I'm not really sure why everyone in
> the open source world expects end-users to file their own bugs.

  If i find a bug in gstreamer (or any software), *I* will file a bug
but it was you who found the bug so why am *i* supposed to file it?

> Back on the subject of whether or not gstreamer is useful: Perhaps it's
> just a broken version of gstreamer that maemo uses, or perhaps the bug
> is elsewhere. It's just that it's broken for me/Kagu/us/maemo-users, so
> it isn't very useful to Kagu in it's current state and probably not very
> useful to Tony.

     Concidering all these possibilities, I ask you again, is it
reasonable to conclude "gstreamer is poo" and advertising that to
others as a fact?

> Ultimately, I'm a selfish software developer and I've found my solution
> elsewhere. That's the extent of my interest. I have to move on to other
> things or else I'll never get anything done.

   That is fine, you should use whatever works for you. Nobody is
forcing you to use gstreamer.


Zeeshan Ali
FSF member#5124

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