[maemo-developers] radare 0.9 preview for maemo

From: pancake pancake at youterm.com
Date: Sat Nov 3 00:39:12 EET 2007
Ive released a binary build of the development version of
radare with debugging and 

There're some shots at:


Some new random features:

  - full package (rsc scripts, etc..)
  - rasc - shellcode commandline tool
    $ rasc -X -i arm.linux.binsh
  - dump/restore process image from/to disk
  - embedded minimalistic arm assembler and disassmbler
    (a bit buggy atm)
  - process system map and register label recognition
  - inline comments
  - visual mode with n770/n800 arrows support

See full changelog at:


Take it at:



  # tar xzvf radare-0.9-arm.tar.gz -C /


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