[maemo-developers] porting a java based application on Nokia 770

From: Antonio Orlando ant.o at libero.it
Date: Sun Nov 4 22:17:33 EET 2007
I've not been in any way interested in this, but as you're receiveing no  
answers I'll give here what I know about it, then you'll have to do your  
research - expecting not to much in this field, I warn you.

On Maemo Quick Start Guide you can read that "for Java support, JaliMo [1]  
is an interesting project to track".

Besides, in the "Sadako" project Sybren A. Stuvel says "We used a very  
small JVM called JamVM [2]. It is very minimal, but it contained  
everything we needed to run Place Lab - there is no need for fancy GUIs,  
at least not at this point."

[1] http://www.jalimo.org

[2] http://jamvm.sourceforge.net


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