[maemo-developers] Question regarding garage project pages

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Sat Nov 3 13:49:43 EET 2007

> According to Tim Teulings <rael at edge.ping.de>:
>> The question is, how should I structure this in garage? Should I again 
>> request one project and hosts all applications there (which makes things 
>> easier for me but might have negative consequences for my karma :-),

> Quim, this is why karma systems are a bad idea. I'm sure that Tim was
> joking, but as soon as people start even thinking about how their

Of course I was joking. I was more interested in a recommendation how I 
should manage my currently over 10 packages. I think both solution have 
some deep organizational consequence that I alone cannot yet overview.

Also it is a good question to stimulate more discussion about the future 
of the extra repository and the corresponding infrastructure.

> actions affect their karma, rather than doing what makes sense, the
> karma system has negatively affected the project and community.

We all sound a little bit "karma crazy". Even Nokia people sound like 
they are not sure if they should like their own idea ;-) But I think 
this is only temporary until everybody understands what is happening, 
how it works and what it is good for and that good karma is no 
automatism for being honored, helpful and well known. The reaction was 
not surprising. Both sides should keep relaxed and have trust.


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