[maemo-developers] Question regarding garage project pages

From: Klaus Rotter klaus at rotters.de
Date: Tue Nov 6 09:35:24 EET 2007
Steve Greenland wrote:
> Quim, this is why karma systems are a bad idea. I'm sure that Tim was
> joking, but as soon as people start even thinking about how their
> actions affect their karma, rather than doing what makes sense, the
> karma system has negatively affected the project and community.

I second this. Even the mailing list will grow, if the karma system will 
just count messages on the list, and not how important they are. Also in 
user feedback at downloads.maemo.org I see the first messages that 
maintainers praise their own work. I really enjoy the effort you at 
Nokia are doing for the maemo project. This is *much* better than 
everything the community got from Sharp with the Zaurus project. But 
please don't overact.


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