[maemo-developers] About the upcoming maemo user karma

From: Klaus Rotter klaus at rotters.de
Date: Tue Nov 6 01:09:26 EET 2007
Quim Gil wrote:
> We are near to implement user karma in maemo.org. Like most karma
> systems, it is used as a nice add-on to promote and show off those
> investing time and energies in the project.

Ok... what is the "karma" useful for? I didn't get the point. Is it 
important to have a high karma (at maemo.org)? If it is just that I 
would feel better I can live without it...

I looked at my karma, felt bad ;), found it somewhat poor and tried to 
raise it.

1) My bomberman project at downloads seems to have no pictures (it once 
had pictures!) and no mention that I created it. I wanted to fix both. I 
got an error each time I want to upload a picture of the game:

Catchable fatal error: Object of class PEAR_Error could not be converted 
to string in 
on line 327

I wasn't able to remark that I created it. And maemo.org was so _slow_ 
this evening (in europe)

2) It seems that downloads in garage aren't counted. Why?
3) To get rid of 2), I tried to load up bomberman to the extras 
repository (O.k, I wanted that for a long time). Unfortunatly, I just 
have a chinook dev enviroment set up, so I tried to install bora beside 
it. This should really go to the How-Tos. Well, 
helped a little bit. So I build packages for chinook (armel and
i386+src) and a package for bora (just armel) and loaded them up. They 
didn't show up. Maybe I did something wrong or it will take some time 
for them to show up.
4) My bugzilla activities aren't counted also. O.k., there are _few_, 
but no counts at all? My bugzilla login is "kr at rotters.de", but my 
profile says "klaus at rotters.de".

Finally after 4 hours of fiddeling I want the old days with my old 
TurboPascal back. ;-)


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