[maemo-developers] About the upcoming maemo user karma

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Nov 6 08:36:04 EET 2007

Let me tell something clear: the 770 and N800 device programs were
executed without much complaints from your side. Expect results at least
as good in the N810 maemo device program. You filed your submissions,
you provided your reasons... that's all you need. The karma, yes, is a
tool that also helps us deciding. But your submission and yourself is
what counts - you can't change now ;) so there are no reasons to worry.
Unless you enjoy worrying, of course.  :)

On Tue, 2007-11-06 at 00:09 +0100, ext Klaus Rotter wrote:
> Ok... what is the "karma" useful for? I didn't get the point. Is it 
> important to have a high karma (at maemo.org)? If it is just that I 
> would feel better I can live without it...

Don't worry about karma. In fact don't worry about maemo. maemo is about
enjoying, not worrying.  :)

If the karma system helped you yesterday pushing your app to extras and
reviewing your metadata in the Bomberman page at Downloads, then karma
was already good for you.

> 1) My bomberman project at downloads seems to have no pictures (it once 
> had pictures!) and no mention that I created it. I wanted to fix both. I 
> got an error each time I want to upload a picture of the game:

Please file a bug. The new Downloads were uploaded yesterday and even
when we had done a lot of internal testing is seems to have rough edges
in the live system.

> I wasn't able to remark that I created it. And maemo.org was so _slow_ 
> this evening (in europe)

Yes, due to the Downloads side effects.

> 2) It seems that downloads in garage aren't counted. Why?

As said before in this list, this karma system is an ongoing effort. We
still have to gather data from Garage/Gforge. What is more important
though is that we count downloads from... Downloads and we plan to take
into account downloads from the extras repository. Directing users to
Garage is not something we recommend.

> They 
> didn't show up. Maybe I did something wrong or it will take some time 
> for them to show up.

Dunno, others are getting their software to extras. Again, please file a
bug and provide there all the details so we can give you an answer..

> 4) My bugzilla activities aren't counted also. O.k., there are _few_, 
> but no counts at all? My bugzilla login is "kr at rotters.de", but my 
> profile says "klaus at rotters.de".

Also as said, the quick fix is to modify your email address in your
bugzilla profile to make it match with your maemo.org address. We are
looking at the possibility of claiming more email addresses as suggested
by Frantisek and others, but this won't be done right now.

Quim Gil - http://maemo.org

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