[maemo-developers] About the upcoming maemo user karma

From: vicente garcia vicentegarcia at gmail.com
Date: Tue Nov 6 14:06:51 EET 2007
> It's not my intention to start a language flame war >:-) but
> evidently you never heard of delphi and lazarus. It's sad that the
> "pascal" word is automatically associated to a clumsy, outdated language
> by most developers, since, while lazarus is not 100% mature, being
> modelled after delphi it blows away anything else for database and gui
> development (at least under linux, where there's no other comparable
> product).
> In fact, having started (real time) pascal development a long time ago,
> followed through to delphi and now using freepascal and lazarus when I
> can, I find the various C/C++/Java/whatever development environments
> really primitive (unsurprisingly, since they're only now trying to do
> what borland already did almost 15 years ago).

Are you sure it's not your intention? :P

My experience is about freepascal and its primitives mysql and more
stuff units. You must write a lot of source code lines to do nothing
and you must depend that somebody implements mysql or gtk "units" to
use it with all of its new features. I think pascal is a good learning
language, but C/C++, Java or C# has a very powerfull IDEs and all the
APIs are supported. There are not pascal job vacancies.

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