[maemo-developers] About the upcoming maemo user karma

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Tue Nov 6 14:23:48 EET 2007
En/na vicente garcia ha escrit:

> Are you sure it's not your intention? :P


> My experience is about freepascal and its primitives mysql and more
> stuff units. You must write a lot of source code lines to do nothing
> and you must depend that somebody implements mysql or gtk "units" to
> use it with all of its new features.

I can just drop a couple of components on a form. That confirms my 
theory that you don't know lazarus ;-)

> I think pascal is a good learning
> language,

And a good all-purpose language. And fast (both the compiler and the 
generated code).

> but C/C++, Java or C# has a very powerfull IDEs and all the
> APIs are supported.

Pascal can use C libraries too, and I don't know of any IDE that even 
remotely approaches what delphi did (and lazarus is starting to do).
Sure, it's not a fashion language like Java or C#, but so what?

> There are not pascal job vacancies.

There aren't many, say, ruby or python vacancies either, does that make 
them bad languages?
BTW, try googling fot "python paradox"....
BTW2, there are (but not many nowadays) delphi vacancies


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