[maemo-developers] Repositories mess: conclusions and actions

From: rael at edge.ping.de rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Thu Nov 8 14:31:06 EET 2007

> Perhaps a wiki page would be the best method then. This discussion is getting
> rather long and confusing.

Such Wiki Page exists: 


I invite everybody to add, change etc... 

> 1) Put all packages in the main repo and if any get bugs filed against 

> 2) Place all packages in a -devel repo and then allow them to be upgraded 
> they don't fail. This assumes that people will rate a package if it's good. I
> think the first method is more likely to work as people are more likely to
> complain than to praise (and in the case of some shared libraries they may not
> even know they are in use unless they fail). This may not sit happily with Nokia
> though as there may be non-working packages in the extras repo for some time.

As told, I'm currently writing a program, to allow people to do rating of 
their installed applications directly from the device. I'm unsure if this 
will help, because people still need an account on downloads.maemo.org (I'm 
just faking a browser), and I fear people will stop at this point. But is 
nice challenge and a got test for my library code :-) I like to do a similar 
program for bug reports, but again you would need an account for this, too. 


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