[maemo-developers] Repositories mess: conclusions and actions

From: Simon Pickering S.G.Pickering at bath.ac.uk
Date: Thu Nov 8 14:44:51 EET 2007
> Such Wiki Page exists: 
> http://maemo.org/community/wiki/extrasrepositoryprocessdefinition/ 
> I invite everybody to add, change etc... 

Thanks for the pointer, I'd not seen that.

> As told, I'm currently writing a program, to allow people to 
> do rating of 
> their installed applications directly from the device. I'm 
> unsure if this 
> will help, because people still need an account on 
> downloads.maemo.org (I'm 
> just faking a browser), and I fear people will stop at this 
> point. But is 
> nice challenge and a got test for my library code :-) I like 
> to do a similar 
> program for bug reports, but again you would need an account 
> for this, too. 

I still think the "assume it works unless people complain" would be the best
method, but if your rating app could also track dependencies that would
eliminate one of my points against this type of approach (that libraries may get
very few positive votes as people don't use them directly so don't know they are
being used).


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