[maemo-developers] extras: autobuilders

From: Levi Bard taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com
Date: Fri Nov 9 15:20:45 EET 2007
> > A simple question: what would you expect from an autobuilders?
> 1) Simple ability to upload a source package(s).
> 2) Have that source package compiled on as many SDKs as possible (OS 2006, OS
>    2007 and OS 2008 should be possible with some/most packages).
> 3) The ability to update a source package in a simple manner (triggering a
>    recompile).
> 4) When a new SDK is released, everything should be recompiled and redeployed
>    to extras-{devel,testing,...}.
> Ideally, anything which would appear in the Application Manager (ie:
> Section: user/...) should also be updated/auto-created in the
> downloads catalogue; but this is a nice to have.

I second all of this.

> [1] Is OS2007 support still useful? There are really only two platforms: OS
>     2006 for 770 owners, and OS 2008 for N800/N810 owners. Maintaining OS 2007
>     support could be a pain for application authors.

I would say that the two relevant platforms are OS2007 for 770 owners
and OS2008 for N8[01]0 owners.

"Tak does not require that we think of Him, only that we think."
--Grag Bashfullsson

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