[maemo-developers] extras: autobuilders

From: Julius Luukko julle.luukko at quicknet.inet.fi
Date: Sat Nov 10 11:18:43 EET 2007
Levi Bard wrote:
>> [1] Is OS2007 support still useful? There are really only two platforms: OS
>>     2006 for 770 owners, and OS 2008 for N800/N810 owners. Maintaining OS 2007
>>     support could be a pain for application authors.
> I would say that the two relevant platforms are OS2007 for 770 owners
> and OS2008 for N8[01]0 owners.

Hello all,

I would like to comment on this. I consider myself more a user of 
maemo/IT than a developer, even though I have some applications of my 
own (not publicly available, at least not yet) and have described to 
maemo-developers for a few months now. I have one 770 and one N800 and I 
have bought one 770 to my farther. I do not have any interest in 
installing OS2007HE to 770 and my farther is probably never going to 
even know what a HE is. 770 with OS2006 is still good for what it was 
designed to be. We (I and my farther) use it for example for light web 
browsing and navigating (Navicore and Maemo Mapper). I believer that 
there are quite many users like us. Therefore OS2006 support is still 

About OS2007 support I have a comment also. I read somewhere that all 
the applications must be recompiled for OS2008. I use Navicore on the 
N800 and I don't know if Navicore/Wayfinder will give a free upgrade to 
a OS2008 version. If they don't I will have to stick with OS2007. If 
this is the case, OS2007 would be needed.


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