[maemo-developers] Any problem with chinhook beta repo?

From: Santtu Lakkala inz at inz.fi
Date: Fri Nov 9 19:26:25 EET 2007
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Juha Kallioinen wrote:
> ext Luca Donaggio wrote:
>> Any clue about how to fix it? I followed these instructions to set up
>> my sbox environment:
>> http://inz.fi/blog/2007/10/22/multi-target-development-for-maemo/
>> My current parameters for chinhook-armel target (via sb-menu -> show) are:
> Hi Luca, it looks like your target setup is not quite correct. Inz's blog 
> entry is quite new but the information for a chinook target is incorrect.
> Here's a target setup that works for me:
> sb-conf st maemo4-arm -c cs2005q3.2-glibc2.5-arm -d 
> cputransp:perl:debian-etch -t qemu-arm-0.8.2-sb2
> The most notable differences are that you should use debian-etch devkit (not 
> debian or debian-sarge) and that the qemu version is wrong.

Please do note that I use the "old" debian devkit on purpose, because
the goal in my blog post is to be able to compile the same source for
different targets, so there cannot anyway be anything using the new
features of the newer devkit.

Also, I have tested each of the commands and they produce a working
target, with no arm/armel mismatch. Unfortunately I don't know why is
there a problam for Luca. My instructions do use the qemu-0.8.2-sb2 and
use the maemo3-debian. It might be that debian-sarge without
maemo3-debian breaks things.

The package versions may indeed be the ones to blame, apt-get upgrade
(outside scratchbox) might help.

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Santtu Lakkala
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