[maemo-developers] Any problem with chinhook beta repo?

From: Juha Kallioinen juha.kallioinen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Nov 15 10:28:26 EET 2007
ext Santtu Lakkala wrote:
> Please do note that I use the "old" debian devkit on purpose, because
> the goal in my blog post is to be able to compile the same source for
> different targets, so there cannot anyway be anything using the new
> features of the newer devkit.

I have to admit that I did not read the whole blog post, I just quickly 
looked at the chinook target setup :)

The debian-etch devkit does not really have new features as such, just 
updated versions of the tools. Just as an example, the debhelper has been 
updated and you might not be able to build a package that use compat level 
5, which is not supported by the debian-sarge devkit.

> Also, I have tested each of the commands and they produce a working
> target, with no arm/armel mismatch. Unfortunately I don't know why is
> there a problam for Luca. My instructions do use the qemu-0.8.2-sb2 and
> use the maemo3-debian. It might be that debian-sarge without
> maemo3-debian breaks things.

Yes your instructions have the correct qemu version, but Luca's post 
revealed that he was using the 0.8.1 version.

I hope the final SDK released fixed any problems Luca had.


Juha Kallioinen                                               JID: kaltsi at ok

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