[maemo-developers] extras: autobuilders

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Sat Nov 10 14:16:51 EET 2007

>> What about the myriad libraries that will be added to build all the
>> random apps we want? Would each of these need a Garage page or could
>> they all be grouped under the same page? I imagine most of these will
>> be simple modifications (if they even need that) of existing debian
>> packages and therefore a Garage project is probably overkill, a
>> maintainer's email address ought to be enough.
> Good point.  I take back my statement for now, then.  (I quite liked
> the idea of the auto-builder reporting build problems through a garage
> bug tracker, though.)

That was my question in another thread. How do I manage my garage 
project(s), if I have more than one but all closed bound together.

I think we should allow to have multiple packages for the same project 
(thing of localization packages, too) and belonging to the same garage page.

I also would find it useful to make tickets int he bug tracking system 
of that project page if building fails (error text then of course should 
clearly identify the package).

This way we have some feedback if the problems was solved (ticket 
closed). This way we could also see if the maintainer has given up 
getting the package to run. We could also resume rebuild of the package 
after ticket was closed saving build resources.

We should discuss if is *required* to have a garage package for pushing 
packages to the autobuilder. This way we have bug tracking, a more 
direct contact (even for teams)....and (the potential for) a far more 
integrated and simpler system. And there is no real problem in creating 
a garage page only for packaging, isn't it?


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