[maemo-developers] extras: tracking bugs

From: Mike Lococo mikelococo at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 10 21:19:05 EET 2007
> We should discuss if is *required* to have a garage package for pushing 
> packages to the autobuilder. This way we have bug tracking, a more 
> direct contact (even for teams)....and (the potential for) a far more 
> integrated and simpler system. And there is no real problem in creating 
> a garage page only for packaging, isn't it?

This issue has come up as a tangent a lot in this discussion, but hasn't 
been fully explored so I'm starting a fresh thread to see if it gains 
any traction.

IMO, what is needed is a single garage project and bug-tracker for the 
extras repo, rather than a separate project for every app in the repo. 
As much as garage is a wonderful resource for new projects that 
specifically target maemo, many projects are very much cross-platform 
and have established developer communities elsewhere.  Forcing them to 
duplicate resources on memo.org isn't productive and isn't necessary. 
If all the package maintainers are required to have a garage account, 
and there is a project/bug-tracker for the repo, we get all the benefits 
that you outline above with much less overhead.

I get the impression that folks want to shy away from this solution 
because it will lead to duplicating bugs that may already have been 
submitted upstream.  The alternatives are clearly worse, though: either 
requiring upstream to maintain a project presence on maemo.org or 
requiring maemo.org to integrate with every upstream project 
infrastructure in the world.  I think it's telling that every successful 
Linux distro in existence uses this model, maintaining a unified project 
infrastructure for the distro/repo/aggregate-object and coordinating 
with upstream for bugs that are most appropriately fixed there.

Mike Lococo

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