[maemo-developers] mamona release

From: pancake pancake at youterm.com
Date: Mon Nov 19 14:43:54 EET 2007
Hi Rodrigo!

I'm glad to see the first mamona release.

I have noticed that the instructions for using 0xFFFF are incorrect.

We want to provide users with a fully free stack, and it would be confusing them to
make them think they need the privative flasher, when that hasn't been true anymore.

So dupping the help for both flashers can be anoying.

Here's the page:


The right way to flash a firmware piece would be:

  $ 0xFFFF -p rootfs.jffs2

It should automagically detect that this is a rootfs piece, but you can also specify it:

  $ 0xFFFF -p rootfs:rootfs.jffs2

If you find it interesting you can also explain how to pack/unpack fiasco images:

  $ 0xFFFF -P my-fiasco.img rootfs.jffs2

I hope to have enought disk and time space to have a closer look to the Mamona framework
this week, so I have read the FAQ and find it quite interesting in contrast to the
scratchbox one.

Best regards.


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