[maemo-developers] Confused about Application Catalog

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Mon Nov 19 17:41:25 EET 2007
I went to update the Application Catalog entries for the GPE applications to 
make them available for OS2008 and have ended up very confused.  It looks as 
though each application now has a completely separate page for each OS 
version.  Is that right?

I am sure that in the past we had a single page and we could add and remove 
availability on different OS releases on the single page.  But now when I 
find a page for one of the apps and then click on Page/Edit the OS dropdown 
box only contains one version.  And the IT2006 and IT2007 pages for a single 
app have different comments.

I notice that the IT2006 page for gpe-calendar seems to have been created on 
6th November (although not by anyone in particular).  At about the same time 
that the revision histories all started filling up with crap (see bug #2327).

What I really want to know is how to update the pages so that they are 
available for IT2008.  Do I create a new page (even though the "unix name" 
will be the same)?

This seems a retrograde step as it is useful to just have one page for 
comments, one page to update if the app moves, etc.  Was it announced here 
and I missed it?


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