[maemo-developers] gftp port to maemo: some questions

From: Nicolas nicolasfr at gmail.com
Date: Tue Nov 27 19:00:38 EET 2007

I have hildonized gFTP (see gftp.org) for my brand new N810. See screenshots
Font size needs to be reduced to be more usable but it works.

What has been done:
- main window hildonized;
- menu hildonized;
- added hardware fullscreen button function;
- obviously fixed compilation error
- update debian rules to make debian package

What remains to be done:
- reduce font size to me more usable (UI has lots of items)

My questions:
1/ When I just installed the package, the hildon theme was not applied to
the application, and the icon was not appearing in the menu until a reboot.
Shall I call some script in the post install script?
2/ How could this software land in the extra repository and would someone be
willing to maintain this package (debian packaging is hell for me)? I need a
mentor to control what I have done. For example make dist-clean breaks the
compilation so I disabled it in the debian/rules (autoconf problem I think).
I was not able to keep the .orig.tar.gz and generate the diff to produce
nice debian source packages, etc...
3/ I can upload everything if there is a community ftp available.

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