[maemo-developers] web based local application GUIs

From: monteslu at cox.net monteslu at cox.net
Date: Tue Nov 27 20:20:03 EET 2007
How about a GPS daemon similar to gpsd but with the capabiltiy to speak HTTP?
Would be nice if people making webapps could include a javascript source from the localhost that would give back an object with GPS info.

I've already written very lightweight implementations of this in Java and Python, however both rely on gpsd. I'm guessing one for the n810 could just call to the GPS APIs.

I'm sure there will be security concerns, but it should be easy to turn off and on, and wouldn't be a big deal for a mobile device. The daemon also doesn't need to give a highly accurate latitude and longitude to still be very useful.


---- Zoran Kolic <zkolic at sbb.co.yu> wrote: 
> > 1.) Rpc (aka web services)
> > 2.) Dbus
> > 3.) Direct SQLite DB interaction
> Whatever motivation was, I second the idea to use 770/800/810
> as device as user wants. Even smaller computers have place
> under the sun for more ambicious tasks. Web services could
> be love/hate, they solve the problem making different os-s
> share the project or business. Talking about web, I think
> ajax is nowadays must-have for success at first-time-visit
> customers. Btw, daemons and services could be less demanding
> than multimedia usage of the device.
>                                 Zoran
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