[maemo-developers] Is it possible to make a "well-behaved" pyGame app with maemo-python ?

From: Fred Pacquier fredp at dial.oleane.com
Date: Wed Nov 28 23:32:51 EET 2007
Jesse, Levi, Eero, Thomas : thanks to all of you for your answers, hints 
and links !

All were informative and useful. I hadn't realized till now that 
pyGame/SDL apps were treated so specifically, and I'd been looking in 
all the wrong places...

So, the trick with StartupWMClass in the desktop file, and setting the 
SDL_VIDEO_X11_WMCLASS env var solved the main problem : getting the icon 
in the task bar (but without the "Loading..." banner at launch). Phew !

However, I have been unable to adapt the mClock example for the service 
file successfully. As soon as I reference the X-Osso-Service value in 
the desktop file, I get a lengthy "Loading..." banner and nothing else, 
even though I call osso.Context() early in my code. I must be missing 
something still...

Also, I've noticed that when pressing the Home button, in the task list 
the app has the correct icon by is listed as "unknown", although the 
code does call pygame.display.set_caption(). Is there a hack for this too ?

Thanks in advance for any further hints,

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