[maemo-developers] Is it possible to make a "well-behaved" pyGame app with maemo-python ?

From: Thomas D. Waelti twaelti at dplanet.ch
Date: Thu Nov 29 00:35:13 EET 2007
> However, I have been unable to adapt the mClock example for the
> service file successfully. As soon as I reference the X-Osso-
> Service value in the desktop file, I get a lengthy "Loading..."
> banner and nothing else, even though I call osso.Context() early in
> my code. I must be missing something still...

Does the service really load your app?
Try to launch the application manually from xterm using the same command that you wrote into the service file.
Does it come up then?

> Also, I've noticed that when pressing the Home button, in the task
> list the app has the correct icon by is listed as "unknown",
> although the code does call pygame.display.set_caption(). Is there
> a hack for this too ?

No, this is a known bug. Somewhere between SDL and Hildon, this information gets lost. Identical on all pygame apps.
(NOT in Pymaemo, see my bug report in https://garage.maemo.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1597&group_id=40&atid=229)

Best regards

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