[maemo-developers] gwobex problem

From: Christian Kuersteiner ckuerste at gmx.ch
Date: Mon Oct 5 11:27:41 EEST 2009

I'm using GwObex to achieve some Obex FTP functionality. I can list the 
root directory on my test phone with gw_obex_read_dir(). However it 
fails when I try to change in a directory with gw_obex_chdir().
What I suspect is that since all my directory has a whitespace (e.g. 
"Memory Stick", "Phone memory") the function fails. Did somebody 
encounter similar problems? Is there a workaround or did I misunderstand 
the API (the directory name should be UTF-8 but I think this doesn't 
matter with whitespaces)?

On the other hand I thought for a workaround I just use 
gw_obex_read_dir() and set the name to list to the new path. 
Unfortunately this doesn't work too since I guess it is just allowed to 
give a directory name to list and not the whole path. Am I correct with 
this assumptions?

Any help is appreciated!

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