[maemo-developers] gwobex problem

From: Johan Hedberg johan.hedberg at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 5 12:24:17 EEST 2009
Hi Christian,

On Mon, Oct 05, 2009, Christian Kuersteiner wrote:
> I'm using GwObex to achieve some Obex FTP functionality. I can list the 
> root directory on my test phone with gw_obex_read_dir(). However it 
> fails when I try to change in a directory with gw_obex_chdir().
> What I suspect is that since all my directory has a whitespace (e.g. 
> "Memory Stick", "Phone memory") the function fails. Did somebody 
> encounter similar problems? Is there a workaround or did I misunderstand 
> the API (the directory name should be UTF-8 but I think this doesn't 
> matter with whitespaces)?

What you describe should be work just fine. Note that the directory name
shouldn't be the absolute path but just the name of the directory as it is
relative to the current directory. One thing you could do to debug this
further is to take a HCI trace of the data that gets transmitted. I.e.
install bluez-hcidump and run "hcidump -XV" while doing the test case
(be sure to start hcidump before connecting so it is able to deduce that
the high-level protocol is OBEX).

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