[maemo-developers] gwobex problem

From: Christian Kuersteiner ckuerste at gmx.ch
Date: Tue Oct 6 06:39:50 EEST 2009
Hi Johan,

Johan Hedberg wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> What you describe should be work just fine. Note that the directory name
> shouldn't be the absolute path but just the name of the directory as it is
> relative to the current directory. One thing you could do to debug this
> further is to take a HCI trace of the data that gets transmitted. I.e.
> install bluez-hcidump and run "hcidump -XV" while doing the test case
> (be sure to start hcidump before connecting so it is able to deduce that
> the high-level protocol is OBEX).
> Johan

Thanks for the clarification. At least I see that I understand the API 
correct. I will try to debug it further with hcidump.
Do you think from the gw-obex point of view that it matters that I will 
not connect to the OBEX FTP profile but rather to the OBEX Push profile? 
I try to implement a Bluesnarf++ attack where this is the case.


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