[maemo-developers] Maemo5 on Beagleboard

From: Till Harbaum lists at harbaum.org
Date: Fri Oct 30 13:26:36 EET 2009

Thomas Kulve wrote:
> I don't get the cursor with tuxpaint. Did you modify the libmatchbox2
> and rebuild hildon-desktop?
Nope, i didn't change anything. If you just start tuxpaint without touching the
mouse at all, you should see the cursor in the screen center. Once you 
touch it, it nearly immedtialy jumps of to the border.

The mouse really behaves weird and nearly
immediately jumps into one of the screen corners/borders. Have you ever
used a mouse with wrong protocol settings (e.g. ps2 with an imps2 mouse)?
The current situation looks pretty much the same. Perhaps it is even something
like that. I know the alpha port used a seperate xorg.conf which had to be invoked
this way:
-:~# Xorg -config /etc/xorg.conf-beagle &

I don't have a alpha setup anymore. Has one of you access to this old xorg.conf-beagle?
If yes, can you please post it so we can use it as a replacement?

> No. I can use it to unblank the screen..
Me too :-)

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