[maemo-developers] Maemo5 on Beagleboard

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Date: Fri Oct 30 13:58:37 EET 2009
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> Hi,
> Thomas Kulve wrote:
> > I don't get the cursor with tuxpaint. Did you modify the 
> libmatchbox2 
> > and rebuild hildon-desktop?
> Nope, i didn't change anything. If you just start tuxpaint 
> without touching the mouse at all, you should see the cursor 
> in the screen center. Once you touch it, it nearly immedtialy 
> jumps of to the border.
> The mouse really behaves weird and nearly immediately jumps 
> into one of the screen corners/borders. Have you ever used a 
> mouse with wrong protocol settings (e.g. ps2 with an imps2 mouse)?
> The current situation looks pretty much the same. Perhaps it 
> is even something like that. I know the alpha port used a 
> seperate xorg.conf which had to be invoked this way:
> -:~# Xorg -config /etc/xorg.conf-beagle &
> I don't have a alpha setup anymore. Has one of you access to 
> this old xorg.conf-beagle?
> If yes, can you please post it so we can use it as a replacement?

It's in the alpha patch
Last file in the patch, easy to extrack manually, as it's a new file.

Tero // waiting for the post to bring a beagle C2/3...

> > No. I can use it to unblank the screen..
> Me too :-)

I can do that on a B5, but I don't have the image that should appear :-)

> Till
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