[maemo-developers] sdl application hangs on exit when compiled with g++

From: W. de Hoog wdehoog at exalondelft.nl
Date: Sat Jan 2 14:41:15 EET 2010

While packaging an SDL application (for diablo) I noticed it could not 
cleanly exit.

After a lot of trial and error a small test program showed me that when 
compiled with gcc it exits cleanly but when comiled with g++ it hangs 
when waiting for the audio thread to exit.

Any clues on what I can do to fix this problem?

Some things I noticed:
* The SDL audio thread function does end but the pthread_join for it 
never ends.
* When I recompile SDL to use SDL_KillThread instead of SDL_WaitThread 
to wait for the end of the audio thread, it does get ended but then 
hangs on killing the timers.

Willem-Jan de Hoog
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