[maemo-developers] Proposal: Sharing plugin to call command-line apps (e.g. photo sharing via SCP)

From: Thomas Perl th.perl at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jan 2 17:53:22 EET 2010

I've been thinking of creating a "SCP" sharing plugin for uploading
photos to a web server, but then thought that a "generic" command-line
sharing plugin would be even more universal and useful. I'm thinking
of a plugin that has a single-line configuration entry that contains
the command line will be called by the shell and the filename of the
to-be-shared file passed in as parameter (%s), so if I want to publish
photos on a server via SCP, I set up SSH public key authentication the
normal way and then create a new account with the following command

    scp %s user at server.example.org:~/photo-uploads/

The command will be called for each file that is to be shared, and the
success or failure of the operation is determined by the return value
of the application. The sharing framework support multiple "acounts"
per "service", so our "service" (Command line) can then have multiple
"accounts" (e.g. one for copying files via SCP to server A, one for
copying files via FTP to server B, ...) for different purposes.

Writing a shell script or utility that takes one media file to upload
as argument is much easier than writing a sharing plugin for every
service. Of course, it's not as user-friendly, but power users can do
lots of interesting things without much effort, and we can provide
"template command lines" for use by normal users (e.g. SCP, FTP, woof,
copy to "manual upload queue" folder in MyDocs, ...).

Is anyone interested in collaborating on such a plugin, or does such a
thing already exist?

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