[maemo-developers] Auto builder failure (was [fremantle]: kmplayer 0.10.2-4 FAILED)

From: Jeff Moe moe at blagblagblag.org
Date: Fri Jan 8 16:06:39 EET 2010
On Friday 08 January 2010 10:54:36 koos vriezen wrote:
> FWIW, I think using a BR for all outrages is not the right way, a
> product in bugzilla might be. This list is another one (normally I
> just ask Niels, but this time I though a heads-up for all developers
> was appropriate).

Maemo needs something like this:



Perhaps they are just moving the builder *today*. Perhaps not. Maybe it's a planned outage, maybe it's not. Maybe they are aware of the outage, maybe they're not. It may be fixed in 5 minutes after a daemon restart, or it may be a day or two. "Patience" is what we need!

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