[maemo-developers] Auto builder failure (was [fremantle]: kmplayer 0.10.2-4 FAILED)

From: tero.kojo at nokia.com tero.kojo at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jan 8 17:32:08 EET 2010
Guys, I appreciate the patience you are showing.

Truth is we need something that is coming next week. New hardware that builds the repo offline and just pushes it visible (Thanks to Niels for that one). On hardware that beats my laptop (right now my laptop is probably faster...)

The current hardware is end of life. To make it somehow chug along till next week we'll be shutting some of the things running on the old server down. Nothing that should impact normal development or use.

Also comparing to Fedora is a bit wrong. Extras is updated every hour, to enable developers to upload their stuff all the time to it. It's not a traditional distro in that sense, but extras-devel is more like a repo that is opened to pretty much anyone who wants to upload.

So hang on for just a bit more. Not long to go.


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> > FWIW, I think using a BR for all outrages is not the right way, a
> > product in bugzilla might be. This list is another one (normally I
> > just ask Niels, but this time I though a heads-up for all developers
> > was appropriate).
> Maemo needs something like this:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Outage_Infrastructure_SOP
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Infrastructure_SOPs
> Perhaps they are just moving the builder *today*. Perhaps not. Maybe
> it's a planned outage, maybe it's not. Maybe they are aware of the
> outage, maybe they're not. It may be fixed in 5 minutes after a daemon
> restart, or it may be a day or two. "Patience" is what we need!
> -Jeff
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